In situations were you do not have a single click standard procedure available, or you want to automate a few different steps of your analysis, scripting often is very helpful:
We derive specific statistical methods and procedures for your special task at hand, and write a script in your statistics software to automate the task. Your specific requirements are our guideline and thus ensure your individual solution. Thias service can be appliead to all standard statistical software packages. For example, we have extenden the JMP software by implementing scripts for multivariate statistics and graphical data analysis.
Of course, we support your staff in the implementation of our script applications.

Do you have questions about your standard statistical software or there are problems with it?
Our professional custom software coaching will help.

Scripting Example
Calculation of receiver-operator characteristic (ROC)-curves including confidence intervals in JMP: This script calculates sensitivity and specificity, for the representation of the corresponding ROC curves and the AUC value (area under the curve) for diagnostic testing as well as different confidence intervals.


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