Training General Statistics

  • Technical statistics
    Methods for the analysis of product and process data are explained, e.g. analysis of variance (ANOVA), regression analysis, statistical process control.
  • Biostatistics
    independent and matched pairs samples, parametric and nonparametric methods, dose response curve, case control studies
  • Sociometrics
    analysis of contingency tables (difference hypothesis, correlation hypothesis), analysis of questionaire response data, discriminant analysis and logistic regression
  • Your course
    You define the contents of the course and our highly specialised trainer delivers it.

Training General Statistics

This course is focussed on the basic statistical concepts and measures. First we Introduce the idea of statistical thinking before we procede to descriptive statistics. Dazu gehören Lagemaße, Streuungsmaße, Formmaße, Verteilungen und typische grafische Darstellungsformen der explorativen Datenanalyse, wie z.B. Histogramme und Box-Plots. Anschließend beginnen wir mit Themen der schließenden Statistik. Ausgehend vom fundamentalen Konzept des Hypothesentests behandeln wir Mittelwertvergleiche, Korrelationsanalysen und lineare Regressionsmodelle. Wir passen diesen Kurs in Länge und Schwerpunkt Ihren Vorkenntnissen und Bedürfnissen an.

  • control the key data mean, standard deviation, median, ....
  • understand bar charts and boxplots
  • you are able to adopt t-tests, interpret them and check the prerequisites
  • understand and adopt analysises of correlation
  • adopt simple linear regression

Basic knowledge of statistics helps, but is not required. If necessary they will be covered in the course.

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