Design of Experiments

On the basis of sound theoretical knowledge we help setting up and planning the experiment. We always ensure that your experiment will follow the systematic, without over-standardizing the different steps. The statistical methods are adepted to your problem and not your problem is rephrased to match the statistical needs. We make sure that the data you generate can be analyzed properly.

Using project management techniques our highly qualified staff takes care of your experiment. With respect to your needs we can analyze the data and interpret the results together with your staff.

For the data anaylsis, we practically can use all the different professional software products which are available on the market . So we can always just use the software, which is the standard package for DoE in your company (e.g. Design Expert, JMP, Minitab, SAS, Statgraphics, Cornerstone,....). With this flexibility, we ensure an easy implementation of our proposals.

Ask us and make use of our extensive experience in statistical experimental design.


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