Design Expert Trainings

  • Design Expert - Introduction

    An Introduction to Design of Experiments for practioners. Design Expert is used and introduced as well. The theoretical backgrounds are also explained. [Více informací ..]
  • Design Expert - Mixture Designs

    This Training adresses everyone optimizing recipes. Using Design Expert the special features of mixture designs are introduced. Many tips and tricks designing and analysing mixtures are discussed extensively. [Více informací ..]
  • Design Expert - Process Optimization

    This two-day-course is the extention to the Introduction to Design of Experiments with Design Expert. It augments the concepts of DoE with special focus on optimization of products and processes via Response Surface Methodology. [Více informací ..]
  • Design Expert - Quality by Design

    This 3-day training introduces the concepts of Quality by Design (QbD) and Design of Experiments (DoE). Learn now how to apply QbD for your pharmazeutical applications to benefit from the whole flexibility granted by approved design spaces! The statistical software Design Expert will be used. [Více informací ..]
  • Design Expert Webinar

    This web-based training introduces Design Expert and refreshes your statistic knowledge. A basic understanding of statistics is essential for creating designs of experiments. [Více informací ..]