Statistics Training

The courses in this category focus on statistical foundation of the methods. These trainings are designed independently of any software and are very interesting for parties who, independent of a specific statistical software, want to understand the background. In our statistics courses, we focus on statistical methods with high practical relevance. Thus, we ensure that the participants can apply the learnings in their daily work. In particular, our emphasis is a crystal clear explanation of the statistical methods, it's not to present mathematical formulae.
The contents range from quite basic "Introduction to the general statistics" to more advanced subjects like "Multivariate Methods". Several more specialised trainings are offered in the fields of Econmometrics, Quality control, Design of Experiments and Data mining.

We also offer a personal follow-up coaching, which is based on personal consultating. You can count on our experience and our know-how.

General Statistics

  • Technical statistics
    Methods for the analysis of product and process data are explained, e.g. analysis of variance (ANOVA), regression analysis, statistical process control.
  • Biostatistics
    independent and matched pairs samples, parametric and nonparametric methods, dose response curve, case control studies
  • Sociometrics
    analysis of contingency tables (difference hypothesis, correlation hypothesis), analysis of questionaire response data, discriminant analysis and logistic regression
  • Your course
    You define the contents of the course and our highly specialised trainer delivers it.



Econometrics answers economic questions with statistical means. The economic theory provides statistical and econometric models that can be stated and verified using appropriate data sets. Then the models can be used e.g. for simulations or forecasts. This training contains an introduction to econometrics, with a special emphasis on the linear regression model als fundamental model of econometric model building and time series analysis. In addition we introduce the software Eviews, an easy to learn software that is very well suited to build and analyse econometric models and time series.

Quality Assurance

Statistical quality control or quality control, SPC briefly covers various methods to ensure predefined quality requirements.
In our training, you learn how to avoid mistakes and continuously improve processes rather than a posteriori errors.
In STATCON reduced quality is not on the analysis of control charts, but in the broader field of reliability, measurement and process capability analysis embedded.
Building on basic procedures to control charts (-, s, R, MA, CUSUM cards) give you application-ready skills in advanced procedures such as measurement system analysis (MSA, Gage R & R Precision To Tolerance)
and show you how to perform this procedure in your processes can be.
STATCON-based training is never on a standardized approach.
Our competent and experienced trainers to your individual requirements and ensure
the practicability of the course content taught in your company.

Design of Experiments

The goal of Design of Experiments is to aswer experimental questions as efficiently as possible, i.e. with a few, carefully planned series of experiments. In our trainings you will learn the theory, the concepts and the practical know-how that you will need for design and analysis of statistical designs. Our trainers have several years of experience in consulting and teaching DoE. We emphasise practical exercises and simulations so that you get hands-on experience. Our flexible approach will bring you great benefit independently of your previous knowledge.

In our introductory course, you can learn how to use factorial designs, identify important factors and find interactions.
Do you want to optimize your processes and determine optimal parameters factor? In our training Response Surface Methods we illustrate how you can achieve these goals.

Are your processes based on mixture components? In our Mixture Design course you will learn how to deal with Mixture designs. STATCON trainings never follow a rigid schedule. We try to include your personal wishes and requirements to ensure high customer satisfaction and practical relevance.