Our consulting team members exhibit wide experience from different industries as well as well-founded theoretical knowledge.
Based on their additional training activities they are characterized by customer focus and comprehension of your processes and projects.

Consulting by STATCON can happen in terms of the following:

  • Problem-oriented individual consulting,
  • team consulting taking into account your corporate culture
  • as well as project-oriented consulting.

To find a solution often requires broad industry know-how and knowledge taken from totally different areas. We are convinced that the detachment from limited technical viewpoints increases our solution competence . Our consultants come from different disciplines and strive for a continuous personal development with new challenges. So we can optimize your processes and projects and ensuring sustainable success of your company. Our goals are achieved if you understand, postulate and support the application of systematic methods.

Our main consulting subjects are:

  • Company strategy and organization- product optimization
  • Process (re) design and process management for production and service processes
  • Optimization of software for specific application in your teams
  • Process optimization by using systematic approaches
  • SixSigma-deployment


Data Analysis

Management Consulting




Design of Experiments